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Welcome to the new Spinoboy11.com! After I had my old angelfire Spinoboy11.com deleted and erased, I've come to a new level to bring you JP stuff.

Rumors have been going around that the Steven, Kathleen, Joe, Stan, and others will be creating a Jurassic Park 4. Since Jurassic Park 3 has been a good success, beating a tough battle with the remake of Planet of the Apes, but losing to the new Harry Potter, JP4 could be in store in the year 2005.

Here you will find giant-sized pics of JP3, links to other great sites(especially Dan's and Evilgrinch's), and dinosaur information. The bottom line, enjoy the friggin' site!


Saturday, Jan. 19:The message board and the guest book are now up.
Mar. 23:Get ready for MEGA MARCH MADNESS!

Quote of the month:"This is how you make dinosaurs" "No, this is how you play god."-Amanda Kirby and Alan Grant

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